Tonsley Innovation District


In 2015, Tonsley became the first Urban Renewal project in Australia to be awarded a 6 Star Green Star accreditation rated by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), demonstrating a strong commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction and peak energy management.

The Tonsley Innovation District is a Renewal SA project, created at the premises of the former Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. It is Australia’s first innovation district, combining over thirty businesses and start-ups, leading-edge research and education institutions such as Flinders University and TAFE SA, as well as a residential precinct to provide a high quality, people-focused and knowledge-driven environment.

As part of a fifty-year Development Agreement (DA) with Renewal SA, CleanPeak Energy subsidiaries will be the primary utility providers for electricity, natural gas, thermal energy (hot and chilled water), and non-drinking (recycled) water.

CleanPeak Energy is one of Australia’s leading multi-utility providers. By starting small and creating bespoke, sustainable solutions at community level, we deliver core services that make the most of the latest technologies. As a result, we can be more efficient with our resources and pass on the savings to you.

CleanPeak Energy subsidiaries include (but are not limited to): CleanPeak Tonsley (energy networks & non-drinking water), CleanPeak Mascot, (electricity retailer) and CleanPeak Central Park.

CleanPeak Tonsley provides the energy embedded networks, that enables the supply of electricity, natural gas, non-drinking (recycled) water and efficient locally generated energy, to homes and businesses in the precinct. We’re also exploring opportunities to use thermal energy heating and cooling. The embedded network integrates one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays to create a secure, sustainable energy solution for the district.


A registered embedded electrical network will service the entire site. All electricity customers will connect to the embedded network. Whole of precinct consolidation with load diversity allows for a more efficient network leading to cost savings and improved network reliability.


A natural gas distribution network will service the residential community providing affordable and reliable gas supply.


Recycled water will be provided for ‘non-drinking’ water purposes and available for both the residential and business communities. This will result in lower water costs and increased environmental sustainability. Typical uses include toilet flushing, laundry washing, irrigation, industrial water purposes.


At least 30% of all energy consumed onsite will be generated from a rooftop solar system mounted on the roof of the TAFE and MAB.


As a resident, tenant or landowner in Tonsley, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of more sustainable utilities. This includes automatically being supplied with non-drinking (recycled) water (for uses like toilet flushing and irrigation) electricity and natural gas at competitive rates. If you believe you can find a lower electricity rate elsewhere, you’re free to choose an alternative supplier, however, we would like the opportunity to price match.

Please arrange connections for drinking water through SA Water.

The application forms located on this website can be used to connect or please contact us (including if you’re a residential customer that needs to opt out of natural gas).