Licensed Trades Persons

Only people with an appropriate licence can carry out work on gas appliances and associated pipework in your home for a list of licensed gas fitters in the Tonsley area please click on the following link:

If you are uncertain whether the work you are planning falls under gas work then check the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995 which provides a definition of plumbing, gas and electrical work and the requirements for a person to hold an appropriate licence.

Only such licensed people can legally fill out a gas certificate of compliance and certify the work carried out. CleanPeak Tonsley require a copy of the certificate of compliance before gas can be supplied to a new installation.

Gas fitters must provide customers with a gas certificate of compliance after completing gas installation work in any location, including homes, rental and commercial premises. This work includes installing, replacing, removing/decommissioning or repairing gas pipework, installing new, pre-owned or replacement gas appliances, relocating existing gas appliances, installing new or replacement gas appliance flue pipes, converting gas appliances from natural gas to LPG, or vice-versa.

A gas certificate of compliance is not required for repairing broken-down appliances or for maintenance service work where the appliance is not modified from the manufacturer’s specifications. Replacing parts on an appliance with original manufacturer parts preserves any appliance warranties and existing appliance certification.

Gas fitters may use certificates of compliance as a record of work they have performed at a property, to distinguish it from other work that may have been done, and to formally notify the owner/operator of any gas safety issues that need to be fixed.

When you receive your certificate of compliance from your gas fitter please send a copy to:

If you have any queries regarding obtaining a certificate of compliance, please first refer to your gas fitter before contacting CleanPeak.