Natural Gas Approval Schemes

All gas appliances must be certified before they can be sold or installed in South Australia.

Components used in gas installations and in the manufacture of gas appliances must also be certified by an approved certifying body. The components can be certified individually against the requirements of the relevant standard or included in the certification of the overall appliance.

For more details on the certification requirements click on the following link:

Each year, many household accidents are caused by faulty gas appliances, misusing gas appliances and incorrect gas installations.

You can reduce the risk of this happening to you making sure you buy appliances that have been safety tested and certified for use in Australia, and you regularly maintain them. Also, if any damage is caused to your property by a non-certified gas appliance, your insurance company may not cover you.

If you are purchasing a gas appliance and want to know if the product is certified click on the following link: