Natural Gas Emergency Information

Gas incidents are rare but can occur. To report gas leaks or other gas emergencies, call 1800 413 613 for assistance at any time.

In case of fire call 000 immediately.

If it is safe to do so:

  • try to extinguish flames using a fire blanket or an appropriate extinguisher
  • turn off the gas at the gas meter.
  • Never ignore your senses.
  • If you smell gas take the following precautions
  • turn off the gas at the meter but only if safe to do so
  • extinguish all flames and do not smoke or strike matches
  • do not operate electrical switches or devices
  • if inside a dwelling open doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • keep people away from the affected area.

CleanPeak Tonsley will fix gas leaks associated with the meter and pipework it is responsible for, however, any gas leaks between the meter and your property and inside your property (including appliance issues) are your responsibility to have fixed by a licenced gas fitter.