Natural Gas Safety Information

  • Use a licensed gas fitter for all of your repair, servicing and or the removal of appliance work.
  • Do not place clothing or other flammable items directly in front of heaters or other gas appliances.
  • Do not remove safety devices or guards from appliances.
  • Ensure your cooktops and ovens are cleaned regularly and remove waste to prevent fires.
  • Do not use flueless gas appliances in confined areas. Always ensure the room within which the appliances are being operated is well ventilated.
  • Never use appliances design for the outside of your home indoors.

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels you can use. The natural gas industry is highly regulated with many controls and standards in place to ensure your safety. Prior to making gas available, the distributor thoroughly tests all pipelines in your neighbourhood to ensure compliance and safe operation. Natural gas is composed almost entirely of methane, which is lighter than air. If there is a gas leak, natural gas will disperse through natural ventilation.

Modern hot water appliances now use advanced electronic ignition, removing the need for pilot flames. They also use tempered hot water systems, meaning that you will not burn yourself on the hot water and you can control the temperature by using the appliance touchpad. A tempering valve can also be used, meaning that you can set different temperatures at different parts of the house, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Various models of gas cooktop feature a flame failure safety device, which will shut off the gas supply to the burner if the flame is accidentally put out. Some models also contain a recessed base place to catch any accidental food spills and a safety valve to control the amount of gas coming through the stove.

Gas heaters now have modern automatic safety shut-down features when low oxygen levels are measured and have a tip-off protection and shut off. Flame Effect Fires now contain the feature of a safety guard or glass around the flame, meaning that children will be protected from any hot areas. Portable heaters also have safety features including oxygen depletion sensor, tilt switch, cool to touch cabinet, thermostatic control, child lock button and auto off mode.

TGR’s preferred gas fitters are all fully trained and qualified in gas fitting and must comply with workplace standards to be classed as a preferred gas fitter. We choose our preferred gas fitters carefully, and will only trust licenced, capable and reliable gas fitters.