Utility Commercial Pricing


(All prices exclude GST and are effective 18 August 2023)

  • Peak (7am-9pm Monday to Friday) Usage charge: 50.278 cents/kWh
  • Off Peak (9pm-7am Monday to Friday and All Weekend) Usage charge: 30.326 cents/kWh
  • Daily Supply charge: 1.11918 dollars/day
  • Capacity change: N/A
Other Charges

You may incur the following charges in addition to your Everyday Usage and Daily Supply charges.

  • Connection/Reconnection: $42.13
  • Disconnection: $42.13

You can compare our rates via the Australian Government on the Energy Made Easy website.


(GST is not applicable and prices are effective 1 July 2019)

  • Commercial customer tariff of $2.98/KL for general recycled water usage
  • No fixed charges only usage based
  • Cooling tower water quality will be supplied at $3.308/KL
  • Allotment charge for each allotment including supply and installation of meter: $5500 + $500 for the meter (total $6,000) – invoiced separately.
Other Charges
  • Special meter read: $16.40
  • Disconnection: $16.40
  • Reconnection: $16.40
  • Metre testing: POA
  • Meter change: POA
  • Late payment fee: $15.00*
  • All other fees: POA

*Includes GST (all other rates and charges are not subject to GST or will be stated on application)