Solar Important Technical Information

CleanPeak Tonsley has a large solar generation system located on the roof of the MAB which is connected to the Distribution Network which enables power to be generated and stored at Tonsley.

We also have a bi-directional connection to the SA Power Networks (SAPN) distribution system which allows for any excess electricity generated on the Distribution Network to be fed back into the SAPN distribution system.

There are limits on how much electricity can be generated and stored on the CleanPeak Tonsley electricity Distribution Network overall and it is the responsibility of CleanPeak Tonsley’s Embedded Network Manager to manage the levels of generation and storage to ensure the Distribution Network as a whole meets the technical requirements and generation limits imposed by SAPN and the Energy Regulator.

Clause 36AC of the Electricity Act 1996 (South Australia) defines a small photovoltaic generator as a photovoltaic system with capacity up to 10kVA for a single-phase connection and up to 30kVA for a three-phase connection. This means the maximum PV inverter size for a single-phase connection is 10kW. However, CleanPeak Tonsley has set a limit for solar/battery inverter capacity per residential lot of 1.5kW/1.5kWh to ensure the overall site limitations set out below are met under our Network licence capacity.

These include the following limitations:

  • The total Site Generation Capacity must not exceed 4.96 MW (AC)
  • The total Site Generation Export Capacity must not exceed 4.00 MW (AC)

Note: Generation “Capacity” in this case includes all solar inverter capacity and battery inverter capacity connected to the Distribution Network (including private installations).

For more information on CleanPeak Tonsley’s supply standards please refer to the Electricity Service and Technical Installation Rules and Solar and Battery Guidelines.